It has been over two weeks since I attended the LES NOUVELLES ESTHETIQUES & SPA SHOW and started using “LASH OUT” ~ an amazing new Eyelash Enhancing Serum.

While picking up my favorite shaving mousse, SMOOTH SHAVE FOR MEN “World’s Best Shave” at the INFINITE BEAUTY EXHIBIT I met Elle Marchese (Operations, Infinite Beauty Products) who asked me “Have you heard about the new Lash Craze?”

LASH OUT is a Eyelash Enhancing Serum containing PLANT STEM CELLS (which got my attention) – THAT REALLY WORKS!

After only 2 weeks my lashes are Longer and Stronger, due to 2 active ingredients:

Vitamized matrikine Biotinyn-GHK that simulates the hair bulb keratinocyte proliferation and adhesion Molecule synthesis.

Panthenol, a deravative of panthothenic acid known as provitamin B5, which deficiency affects the hair integrity. It’s high substantivity help repair damage hair.

Also includes Myristoyl Pentapeptide – 17 & 16 Created for eyelash growth, Swiss Apple Plant Stem & Argan Plant Stem Cell, Organic Green Tea, Comfrey, Eyebright & Chamomile and Organic Aloe barbadensis Leaf Extract for anti-aging and Hyaluronic Acid & Sodium PCA to attraxt and hold moisture.

LASH OUT is clinically proven, non-irritating, paraben free and Ophthalmologist Developed & Recommended. and  available through your beauty specialist.

For more information, a distributor near you, or for Private Label Setup for your own business contact: www.infinitebeautyproducts.com



So excited to share my favorite new discovery from THE INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF ESTHETICS AND SPA ~ it is a PROFESSIONAL treatment called “MAXCARA!”

I met Deanna M Derthick, Brand Manager (DiviUSA.com) on Monday, who introduced me “MAXCARA,” the new semi-permanent mascara that darkens, thickens and lengthens eyelashes for 3 weeks or more.

Deanna explained some of the benefits of MAXCARA, besides lash volume and length… No more daily application and removal of mascara, no more running or smearing mascara, sculpts and curves the lashes, separates lashes, no maintenance is required, can be personalized by adding layers to achieve your clients ideal look, and is 100% waterproof.

At this point, I am thinking, “I HAVE GOT TO TRY THIS!”

Deanna happily introduces me to “Mieka” owner of MAXCARA who lays me down on her esthetics table and demonstrates the application.

The treatment is completely painless and took less then 20 minutes – my lashes immediately looked lush and full, with only 1 coat! (Up to 3 coats can be applied for a “False-Lash Look”)

Back at the salon all the stylists are amazed, and my clients are excited.

Yesterday, I went for an eye exam – my optometrist complimented me on my “beautiful lashes,” and I didn’t mind confessing I had a little help! I asked her, “Have you ever heard of MAXCARA?” …she will be in next Wednesday for HER eye appointment with me!

Check out MAXCARA SEMI PERMANENT MASCARA (Professional Use Only)

I always love discovering a new product that provides the solution to an age old problem… no wonder this was one of the more popular booths at this years “Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa Show” in Southern California.

My love of shimmer and glitter lead me right to the “EYE KANDY” Exhibit – where I met Jamie Villescas, co-owner and developer, who was adding a little (ok a lot) of sparkle to everybody’s day!

Jamie confirmed why most people don’t like wearing glitter, it simply doesn’t stay on – she explains, “Patting on gels, glue, even water, to have glitter end up all over your face and attire is not anyone’s desired result when trying to achieve a beautiful look.”

“EYE KANDY” has created and developed an amazing solution called “Liquid Sugar” along with a Polyester Plastic Glitter that is safe for both sensitive skin and contact lens wearers.

Jamie demonstrated the application for me – dipping the head of the EYE KANDY BRUSH into the LIQUID SUGAR BASE, lightly touching the color with your choice with the wet brush, then applying is small strokes as you would a liquid liner.

EYE KANDY GLITTER can also be worn bolder for a more intense look or subtle for a daytime or office look – and for all over the eyelid color or lips, simply add a dabb more LIQUID SUGAR to your brush and smooth.

“This product does not flake and will stay on all day,” Jamie explains, “EYE KANDY is like no other product on the market!”

I have to admit – everybody was enjoying trying EYE KANDY, from small children to seniors ~ and, of course, I bought a dozen colors myself!

Check out the entire line of EYE KANDY color and some of the amazing versatile ways you can shine, www.EyeKandyCosmetics.com image image

“OXYGEN” (02) – this years Big BUZZ Word at The International Congress of Esthetics and Spa Convention

I discovered so many amazing new treatments at the “Les Nouvelles Esthetiquers & Spa” Show this year.. but I must kick off this series of BLOGS with my experience with “I IMAGE SKINCARE.”

Janna Ronert, CEO and Founder of ‘I IMAGE SKINCARE,” is an international speaker on health and beauty and advocate of public service, a name synonymous in the beauty industry (and MISS USA Judge) ~ of course, I headed straight for the “I IMAGE” EXHIBIT” (which was stunning and HUGE) to discover what was new!

I met Shannyn R. Harrison (LME) ‘I Image’ Territory Manager & Educator, who asked me if I was ready to “BE LIFTED?” This year, Shannyn explained, “It is all about Oxygenating, Illuminating, and Lifting the skin” ~ and with that she whisked me on stage and onto a bed (complete with cameras and an audience) to experience this amazing new Oxygen “O2 LIFT” Treatment, exclusively by IMAGE SKINCARE.

This 5 step process releases fresh, healthy skin hidden below layers of older skin and feels very invigorating…
Step 1 – Plant-derived stem cell cleanser, that promises to slow down the aging process and lighten and brighten the skin. Smells clean and fresh, too.
Step 2 – Enzymatic Facial Peel, a revolutionary fruit enzyme exfoliator, starts out as a thick gel and liquifies, effectively (while gently) rolling away all the dead skin cells.
Step 3 – The O2 Signature Treatment, this Oxygenating Facial Masque is a one-of-a-kind masque with “foam burst technology” (feels actively WILD, like little insects crawling and nibbling all over your face) creating illustriously illuminated skin in just minutes.
Step 4 – Stem Cell Facial Enhancer, an intensive highly preventative booster designed to add high doses of active ingredients such as stem cells, anti-oxidants, and potent botanicals to achieve maximum protection against aging and damaging cells.
Step 5 – Moisturizing and UVA/UVB Protection, essential for refreshed, post-treatment skin.

I really love this treatment and can’t wait to start offering it to my clients. “02 Lift” comes packaged in beautiful box, with with all 5 bottles clearly labeled and numbered. (The entire treatment takes less than an hour.)
“Experience a breathe of fresh skin” with IMMEDIATE results, skin is left glowing and lifted after just one treatment.

(I also fell in love with the “I IMAGE FLAWLESS FOUNDATION” – wonderful.)

Check out www.imageskincare.com – and find them on Facebook, AND join their interactive “Ask The Plastic Surgeon” on-line events with Dr. Marc A Ronert, M.D., PHD Diplomat of the European Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons.


Move Over Lash Extensions! “Dolly Lash” is making a BIG LIFT!!!

You may have noticed “Perms” making a quiet comeback at your salon lately…
Well, so has “Lash Perming” ~ However, this old and tedious service has been perfected and renamed, and it’s called “Dolly Lash” or “Lash Lift!”

Dolly Lash is a treatment which will give the natural eyelashes Length, Lift and Volume and is an alternative to Semi-Permanent Eyelashes.

This newest trend is just starting to take off in the USA, and has been really big for the past couple of years in Europe. Designed and manufactured by a company called “Bella” (www.bella.com.tw), Dolly Lash is conveniently packaged in a collection that is simple and sanitary, making the new process of “lash perming” into a pleasure and enjoyable experience.

The “Lash Lift” starts with applying a silicone pad to the eyelid (instead of a tiny rod to the lashes) and using 3 individually wrapped and colored sachet packs onto the eye lashes;
1. Perm Lotion – a curling agent and softener
2. Setting Lotion – a fixative that allows the lashes to stayed curled up to 3 months
3. Nourishing Agent – to enrich, repair, protect and moisturize the eyelashes

The entire procedure only takes about 30 minutes and the results are beautiful – you can add on a lash tint or apply mascara and lashes will appear as nice and as a full set of lash extensions – without damaging your lashes!

image image


*Celebrity “Secret 3D Fiber Mascara” UNVEILED !!!

Every once in a while I come across a product that really blows my mind…

My dear friend, Celebrity Makeup Artist Lori Rubin (OK Magazine “A lister” & Lead Makeup Artist at Nick Chavez Salon, Beverly Hills) stopped by my studio and shared with me her #1 Secret Product for Fall, “Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes” by YOUNIQUE.

Lori demonstrated the product on one of my clients eyes, using a 3-step process that combines a transplanting gel and natural fibers – the lashes were dramatically enhanced and the results were almost unbelievable!

Lori has been using this “Magical Mascara” on all of her clients – not only because it mimics “lash extensions – but because it is water resistant, perfect for the Red Carpet and easily washes off with warm water and cleanser at the end of the day.

I always recommend a lash tint, lash lift and false lashes for my clients – but now, I think I might need to add “3D Fiber Lashes” to the mix!

To learn more of Lori’s Beauty Secrets, follow her blog at www.LoriRubin.com ~
And, if you are ready for a miracle, follow this link for the mascara!
(Fellow Makeup Artists and Entrepreneur’s, distributing available!)



Lori Rubin
Lori Rubin