Move Over Lash Extensions! “Dolly Lash” is making a BIG LIFT!!!

You may have noticed “Perms” making a quiet comeback at your salon lately…
Well, so has “Lash Perming” ~ However, this old and tedious service has been perfected and renamed, and it’s called “Dolly Lash” or “Lash Lift!”

Dolly Lash is a treatment which will give the natural eyelashes Length, Lift and Volume and is an alternative to Semi-Permanent Eyelashes.

This newest trend is just starting to take off in the USA, and has been really big for the past couple of years in Europe. Designed and manufactured by a company called “Bella” (, Dolly Lash is conveniently packaged in a collection that is simple and sanitary, making the new process of “lash perming” into a pleasure and enjoyable experience.

The “Lash Lift” starts with applying a silicone pad to the eyelid (instead of a tiny rod to the lashes) and using 3 individually wrapped and colored sachet packs onto the eye lashes;
1. Perm Lotion – a curling agent and softener
2. Setting Lotion – a fixative that allows the lashes to stayed curled up to 3 months
3. Nourishing Agent – to enrich, repair, protect and moisturize the eyelashes

The entire procedure only takes about 30 minutes and the results are beautiful – you can add on a lash tint or apply mascara and lashes will appear as nice and as a full set of lash extensions – without damaging your lashes!

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