I always love discovering a new product that provides the solution to an age old problem… no wonder this was one of the more popular booths at this years “Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa Show” in Southern California.

My love of shimmer and glitter lead me right to the “EYE KANDY” Exhibit – where I met Jamie Villescas, co-owner and developer, who was adding a little (ok a lot) of sparkle to everybody’s day!

Jamie confirmed why most people don’t like wearing glitter, it simply doesn’t stay on – she explains, “Patting on gels, glue, even water, to have glitter end up all over your face and attire is not anyone’s desired result when trying to achieve a beautiful look.”

“EYE KANDY” has created and developed an amazing solution called “Liquid Sugar” along with a Polyester Plastic Glitter that is safe for both sensitive skin and contact lens wearers.

Jamie demonstrated the application for me – dipping the head of the EYE KANDY BRUSH into the LIQUID SUGAR BASE, lightly touching the color with your choice with the wet brush, then applying is small strokes as you would a liquid liner.

EYE KANDY GLITTER can also be worn bolder for a more intense look or subtle for a daytime or office look – and for all over the eyelid color or lips, simply add a dabb more LIQUID SUGAR to your brush and smooth.

“This product does not flake and will stay on all day,” Jamie explains, “EYE KANDY is like no other product on the market!”

I have to admit – everybody was enjoying trying EYE KANDY, from small children to seniors ~ and, of course, I bought a dozen colors myself!

Check out the entire line of EYE KANDY color and some of the amazing versatile ways you can shine, www.EyeKandyCosmetics.com image image

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