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You may have heard the new buzz words “Balayage, Sombre, and Ombre” at your local salon, but what do they really mean? Simply put, it’s the art of “HAIR PAINTING!”

Celebrity Stylist, Martin Rodriguez, (a master colorist with over 30 years experience) designed COLOUR WAND, the only tool that allows precision color artistry –  our stylists  at PAUL FISHER SALON love the results, and so will YOU!

So why COLOUR WAND? Just ask Martin, who says,

“Your Hair say’s alot about you. The style can express sophistication at work and then be set free to a playful mood for a night on the town. But your hair color is an expression much more important, that should enhance each style no matter what the mood. Unlike shoes, handbags, or clothes, your hair color cannot be changed from a morning at work to a party at night. Don’t settle for an amateur colorist. You deserve quality.”

PAUL FISHER SALON is so excited to welcome Martin Rodriguez as he introduces COLOUR WAND at our first “ADVANCED-PRO EDUCATION” Class for 2015!

Please join us on Monday, Jan. 12th 2015 for a hands-on workshop, 10am to Noon.


For more info: e-mail us, education@paulfishersalon.com

Visit www.MartinRodriguez.com for more about COLOUR WAND!

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